Charles Darwin is known for the phrase “survival of the fittest.” Fun fact: he isn’t the one who coined the phrase; we can thank Herbert Spencer for that one.
Survival is such an interesting word that people can take many different definitions for. Me? I survived my freshman year of college. I lived to tell the tale, all of the ups and the downs but I am still standing without any major harm. Yay me!
This past year has brought a lot of change, as I knew it would. Just a year ago I finally decided to attend MSU.  Here’s my freshman year, according to my iPhone.

I had a roommate for the first time.
Attended my first college football game! Go Green!
Joined a sorority and met some pretty incredible women along the way.
With me is my big sister, M; I don’t know how I would have survived the year without her!
I turned 18!
Consumed a lot of candy. Any stressful night you could find me with my shot glass filled with swedish fish and gummy bears.
I visited Disney World with my bestie, Bumble.

I survived two finals weeks. 


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