Afro Circus Polka Dot… What?

The other day, I was texting Bumble and she mentioned that she almost downloaded afro circus polka dot to be her ringtone.  I was confused.  I thought she was speaking gibberish.  I told her I didn’t know what on earth she was talking about.  Her response? “OMG GOOGLE IT. It is the most annoying but extremely entertaining thing ever”  Okay, I’m intrigued.  Here’s what I found:

Da da da da da da da circus, da da da da da da da da afro, circus afro, circus afro, polka dot polka dot polka dot afro!

The award for most obnixiously catchy song ever goes to…

Bumble then proceeded to tell me about the ten minute challenge.  Never heard of it?  Oh, well let me enlighten you!  If you can make it through ten minutes of this lovely song on repeat “without being willing to sell your soul to the devil” you win a prize! Just kidding, no prize, just ten minutes of your life spent listening to this lovely song.  Now, me being the bored girl in her apartment on Sunday night though, heck why not, I’ll see how long I last.

Here’s my thoughts while completing the ten minute challenge:
– I want to learn this dance
– I wonder if I could sing this while doing the dance… I have the words down
– that is one talented zebra, being able to moonwalk
– I really need to get out of my apartment, this is insane
– I feel like the lion
– I really want to know that the lion’s reaction to this is
– The writer that created this is horrifically genius
– at least this is distracting me from this awful soup I’m eating
– how did the zebra get himself completely blue and then white?
– I survived! Anyone who willingly want to sit through that for an hour, might just be insane.

Feeling crazy?  Here’s the 10 minute challenge if you want to attempt yourself, and if you’re feeling extra adventurous (or just extremely bored) there’s also a 60 minute challenge… How long will you survive?

Completed either challenge?  I want to hear your thoughts!  What do you think of the challenge and the song?  Leave a comment!

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