Inviting Interiors: Perkins+Will Part 2

I loved the work done at Perkins+Will so much, I decided to do a second installment highlighting their projects.  Todays project is Cobalt Engineering.  The project was completed in 2011 & one of it’s main goals was to evoke a creative image.

This is the main entry way.  I love the use of the yellows and greens mixed with neutrals to let the color pop. This goes hand in hand with the creative image goal and they really let the color speak!  The one downside I might have with this space is the glass walls in the conference center. I think it could get really distracting with people coming in and out of the office.

 I love the simplicity of this conference room.  They kept everything really simple so employees could focus on the task at hand.  They bring in color through the chairs just outside the door.  They would be perfect for visitors waiting on a meeting!

 This individual office is very simple (notice a theme?).  I love that they brought in color through the chairs!  It was a perfect way to tie in the color scheme.  I also really like the unexpectedness of the sliding door.  It’s not something you would typically see in an office.

 This looks like a great break room!  The motivational image words on the wall help to remind employees of the company’s vision.  The simple sleekness of the design is calm and soothing.

Who wouldn’t love to work at a place with a view like that? I’m jealous! The designers took that into consideration and gave them large windows to admire it through.  I love the variance in workspace here, the drafting tables, the table & chairs, and the traditional desk.  They bring in color through the dividing panels so it isn’t overpowering.

I think this is another successful design from Perkins+Will.  What do you think about the space?

PS All of the images are from the Perkins+Will website, found here.

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