Red, White & Blue


The opening ceremonies of the olympics are tomorrow!  London 2012 will officially begin.  For the next 17 days the olympics will most likely cover your TV, internet & social media.  Don’t let the fun stop there!  Here are some patriotic ways to show support for the US in all of your daily activities.


This would be a great look for shopping with friends!  Tone down the red pants with neutral shoes & bag.  I love pairing colored denim with chambray.

Blue for Brunch

Headed out to brunch on Sunday morning?  Try a maxi dress for effortless chic! Aim for gold with a long necklace and accents on an envelope clutch.

Red & Gold

Errand day?  Pair a neutral white skirt with a black tank to stay cool in the summer heat.  Pair them with a red statement necklace and gold accessories.  Don’t forget a watch so you don’t miss your favorite sport!

Red, White & Blue

Headed to an olympic viewing party and/or barbecue?  I love these painted shorts, they would be a great DIY project!  Paired with a white blouse contrasts the model off duty look of converse.

Check out all of the shopping details on my Polyvore!

What is your favorite Olympic sport?

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