Ah, Michigan and it’s ever so lovely weather.

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Let me preface this by saying Michigan weather is highly unpredictable.  You’ll know this if you’ve ever lived here.  I essentially have an umbrella on me at all times.

Today’s forecast called for some scattered showers.  I headed off for class, it seemed like a nice (brisk) day.  The sun was out, there were a few clouds in the sky but they were white and fluffy.  It was pretty much the same as I left class and headed back for my dorm.  Not 5 minutes in to my walk & I thought I felt a raindrop.  As instinct, I looked up at the sky and my second thought was that I must be crazy.  But lo and behold, as I kept walking it kept raining.  Now, it’s still sunny out.  Complete utter confusion in my mind…

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But that’s Michigan weather for you.  My favorite Michigan weather story is from when I lived here before.  I must have been about 6.  It was a typical day and I went out to get the mail (just to the end of the driveway).  On my way back into the house I could have sworn I heard thunder.  I looked up at the sky and there was not a cloud in sight.  As I entered my house, I told my mom I heard thunder.  She told me I was crazy and hearing things and quite honestly, I believed her.  Not ten minutes later, it started to downpour and in came a thunderstorm.

How I love thee, Michigan.  Oh and your weather too!

Do you have a favorite weather story? (Or is that just crazy me?)

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