Some traditions are old, some just beginning.  Some are legendary & some are dreaded.  Sometimes a tradition can simply be someone set in their way.

This past weekend, we took a family trip to see my grandparents.  It’s my grandfather’s 80th birthday at the end of the month, but my dad will be out of town so we decided to go a couple of weeks early to see them.  It was a weekend I definitely needed away from school.  (Sometimes there is just too much going on and you need to take a step back).

We arrived on Friday night, long past dinner so our first meal was breakfast in the morning.  We had oatmeal, which seemed like a very grandparent-y breakfast to me.  Sandwiches for lunch (easy, not much prep required) and pot roast for dinner.  It occurred to me during dinner that we always have pot roast when we visit my grandparents. (Not that I have anything against pot roast! Or my grandmother, her cooking is always very lovely!)

It’s kind of an unwritten tradition of sorts.  My grandmother always cooks pot roast for dinner when we visit.  We usually have sandwiches for lunch and oatmeal for breakfast too!  I realize she is probably used to making the same thing for how ever many years.  She probably put out sandwiches for lunch on the weekends when my dad was a kid!  Pot roast has to be the easiest meal on the planet that most people will eat.

I think traditions are important.  They help keep a sense of stability and constant.  But don’t be afraid to do something a little different, or to start a new tradition!  Sometimes change can be a good wake up call.

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