The Forgotten Holiday

I remember walking into Hobby Lobby in the beginning of October and Christmas decorations were already out and for sale. I’m quite sure I exclaimed something along the lines of “But it’s not even Halloween yet!” But, no worries, Hobby Lobby was aware, as there was still a Halloween section.

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I feel like this happens every year when I walk into stores that decorate for the holidays. Christmas and winter holiday decorations come out super early, usually with or just after Halloween. But what about Thanksgiving?

I call Thanksgiving ‘The Forgotten Holiday’ just for this reason. (Sidenote: I’m quite sure no one would actually forget Thanksgiving… How sad would that be?!)

How great is this photo of MSU’s Beaumont Tower in the winter?
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We can be all too quick to jump to Christmas right after Halloween. (I’ve even caught myself singing Christmas carols already!) Just on Monday, it was the kind of day I would describe as perfectly winter.  Even though it was quite dry all day, we got our first snowfall Monday evening.  I don’t really consider Thanksgiving a ‘winter holiday’.  It’s definitely more fall in my mind, and even though the winter solstice is not until December 21st (does this seem really late to anyone else?), winter seems to arrive mid-November.  

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Despite all of this, Thanksgiving is a holiday that shouldn’t be forgotten!  It’s a time that reminds us for all that we have in our lives to be thankful for… good health, loving friends and family, a table of yummy food.  There are so many things in life to be thankful for and I’ve started noticing lots of little details that make my day a little better.  

My thanksgiving challenge to you is this: think of all of the things in your life (big & small) that you are thankful for.  Bonus: write it down and be amazed at all of the wonderful things in your life!  Then post it somewhere you see fairly regularly to remind you how blessed you are.

p.s. Don’t forget a special note or two for people in your life you are thankful for!

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