10 Signs it’s Almost Finals Week

Here at MSU, we’re a mere 4 days away from the dreaded finals week!  Everyone around campus starts to act a little bit strange, with the anticipation of finals week.  Here are a couple of signs I’ve noticed around campus that signify that it’s that time of year again.

1. There are people sleeping on the bus.  Everyone is sleep deprived & some have even taken to cat naps on the bus.

2. Everyone is now a member of Club Lib.  Even if they have never visited the library before now this semester.

3. You start to notice a lot more coffee cups.  Need. Caffeine.

From my instagram

4. There is a massive influx of instagrams of coffee & energy drinks. (See #3) Also, usually from the library.

5. Wardrobes go to the extremes.  You’re dressed to the nines or you’re in sweatpants.

6. YouTube videos of cats appear on your Newsfeed.  Well, more videos than usual.

7. There starts to be a lot more people crying.  So much stress. People also start to reevaluate their life choices, like their majors.

8. There is also a lot of excitement!  The semester is finally over! Also, a lot of people are just thankful to have survived.

9.  Everywhere is a quiet zone.  No more noise here.

10. Everyone is generally stressed out.

What are some other signs it’s finals week?

Good luck on all your finals!

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