Adios Google Reader!

If you follow The Classy Collegiate on Google Reader this is need to know info! If not, Happy Sunday & feel free to continue on with life! 

As of July 1, Google Reader is shutting down! (That’s tomorrow if your brain is on summer mode!) 
There are two methods I suggest to keep following your blogs (but there are tons out there!) 
You can follow The Classy Collegiate on Blog Lovin’ at
Or you can use Feedly, which is my personal fav! There’s even a one-click Google Reader integration!
Bonus: there’s an iPhone & iPad app!
Whichever way you choose, thanks for following The Classy Collegiate! I promise there will lots more posts in the very near future! (I have 4 in the works right now, blogging from my phone on the train!) 

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