Patrioticism Isn’t Dead

I love the US of A. I also love to wear our lovely colors of red, white and blue, all year long! I hate that people seem to think showing patriotism is only acceptable two days of the year (Memorial Day & July 4th). It’s been two weeks since the 4th of July today.  It’s totally okay to wear red, white and blue (together!) all year long.

Two hints so you don’t feel like a walking flag: (1)Be creative in different shades of red and blue. You don’t have to wear a deep blue and bright red. Try turquoise and nantucket red.  (2)Think accessories! You can find lots of fun colored accessories for a small pop of color.

I’ve put together three different looks of red, white & blue.

Shop the Look: blouse, tank, shorts (similar), necklace, sneakers

This is a great casual, headed to class in the summer or running errands look. Tuck the cami in & wear the shirt open for an effortless chic look. I paired it with sneakers to keep it versatile.

If you’re working in an office this summer (or at any point in the year), try this look. It’s super simple (I swear I’m going to live in pencil skirts & blouses when I gradate!). It’s all about the accessories. I am in love with that elephant bangle!

Blue dress
Shop the Look: dress, flats (similar), necklace, purse, sunnies

Hello, brunch! Once again, super simple (I’m not into creating complicated outfits!) but also super chic. I kept the shoes and bag neutral to let the dress and necklace speak for themselves. Finish this look off with a loose curl and your favorite sunnies and you’re ready for any Sunday!

What’s your favorite way to wear USA’s colors all year long?

P.S. For more inspiration try these posts on chambray or the olympics.

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