Summer Travel Essentials: Trains

Orlando, El Paso, Chicago. 3 trips over 2 months. Planes, trains & automobiles (quite literally). This is part 2 of a summer travel series: trains.

During my trip to Chicago, I discovered than train travel is very different from plane travel. Yep, Chicago was my first train ride. I’m used to flying. I’ve been flying since I was 18 months old. But trains are a whole different ball game. Now that I’ve survived my first train adventure, here’s some essentials to get you through! 

1. phone/iPod + charger + headphones | Most trains come equipped with outlets, so be sure to have all your chargers within reach.
2. notebookSharpie pens | Let your inner list maker out! Or, just journal. A train ride can be a great opportunity to slow down and write. (Also, how cute is this AOII May Book?! They have all the sororities)
3. water bottle | Start with a filled bottle to keep hydrated during your journey. There isn’t a place to fill one up on the train.
4. hand sanitizer | Train bathrooms are gross. You’ll want hand sanitizer, trust me.
5. kindle | Load it with a couple of books to get you through the trip.
6. snacks | If you’ll be traveling through a meal, pack one. There isn’t a great selection on the train. Also, munchies & some sugar never hurt!
7. travel pillow | Quick tip: if you are traveling alone spread out across two seats and sleep (or pretend!). No one will bother you & you won’t have to sit next to a creepy old man. 
8. pashima | Our train was so cold! This could double as a blanket if you need it.
Have you ever taken a train? Where did you go?

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