Under the Lights

College football officially started yesterday & tonight is MSU’s first game against Western Michigan. I l-o-v-e football and could not be more excited for this officially indicator of fall! But that doesn’t mean I’m not freaked out about what to wear. I’ve put together 4 possible game day outfits for all sorts of conditions.

This is close to what I’ll be wearing tonight. Though, I’ll be switching out the pants for shorts (today’s forecast calls for 90 degrees and rain – aka super humid!). You don’t need super complicated outfits for game day. A t-shirt with cute accessories works!

I know, I know, I don’t go to school in the south. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a dress to a football game! If you go to a casual campus – keep the dress casual and you’ll be fine. A dress is also a cooler option for these first few games that are blisteringly hot!

What happens when it rains on game day? You power through, of course! Wellies & a parka will be your best friend. Make sure you keep your makeup waterproof too – no one wants running mascara.

Football season means the start of fall, which also means the start of fall weather. It’s inevitable that you’ll have a chilly fall day at some point during the season (we usually get snow before the season’s over). Pair a cozy sweater in your team’s colors with a fun necklace. Note: I’m not crazy, promise. I put two necklaces in this set because I was thinking bubble necklace at first and then stumbled upon this other one. Please don’t wear two necklaces!

One last note – don’t feel the need to wear something that’s specifically school spirit! You might have noticed that only one of these outfits actually has a MSU shirt in it. It’s okay to support your team in just the right colors!

What is your favorite outfit for game day?

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