The Power Outfit

As September comes to an end, fall is beginning! I love fall – the clothes, changing leaves, lots pumpkin, I could go on and on. However, fall also means the dreaded career fairs. Summer internships, figuring out a life plan, career goals all come with the territory.

I was watching a Google Hangout with Kate White & Carly Heitlinger titled Set Yourself Up for Success, and a question was posed about interview outfits and trying to pick at advice beyond the usual: dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

Carly mentioned finding a key piece that you love – but I believe in a key combination. Enter the power outfit, with style. Kate stressed the importance of keeping style in your outfits and I could not have been happier! I always push the boundaries just a little bit in career fairs and interviews. I hate a typical suit. I refuse to wear a black skirt or pants with a black blazer and a white blouse and black heels. It’s so boring! However, keeping it conservative and within acceptable norms is important too.

My power outfit? A printed pencil skirt in neutral colors (mine is dark grey with black spots), a white blouse & blazer. I also throw on a necklace to bring the look together. The heels & pencil skirt are really my key combination! For some reason, I stand a little bit taller and have a lot more confidence in them.

Power Skirt

If you’re not into wearing a skirt (or afraid you’ll freeze!) pants are a good option too. I like to wear a colored statement necklace when I wear a suit to add some interest. Or you could wear cute flats!

Power Pants

Disclaimer: I wouldn’t wear both leopard flats & an orange statement necklace together to a career fair! Just pick one and remember simple is better.

Pick an outfit you feel good in and will beam with confidence in. If you aren’t the greatest wearing heels, stick with flats. Remember a watch when you go to a career fair – you’ll want to know how much time you have left! If you’re not comfortable wearing a blazer, that’s okay but wear it anyways. College students aren’t really used to wearing professional clothes, so it may take some adjustment. But you will find a combination you can rock.

When you find your power outfit formula, there are a million combinations! I will always buy a pencil skirt or a colored blouse over black pants or cute flats. Stick with what you’re comfortable in (and always add a blazer even if you hate them, like me).

What’s your power outfit for career fairs and interviews?

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