What’s in my bag for class

I love reading/watching these what’s in my bag posts. I think it’s so interesting to see what other people see as essential to carry around with them! So today, I’m adding to the fun with my own post.

With my busy schedule, I carry around a tote for class more often than a purse. But I do tend to change bags quite frequently – a symptom of a bag obsession & wanting to carry them all! In any given week I usually carry about 5 different bags, depending on where I’m going. I have three totes I carry to class, a purse and a cross body. 
When I’m going to work or class, I usually carry my Lo & Sons tote. I bought it as a Christmas gift to myself last year and absolutely love it!! Plus a bonus, I’m never worried about getting caught in the rain and having all my notes/technology ruined. 
What’s in my bag:
Folder for handouts, lecture slides & homework
Pencil case + Sharpie pens
Granola bar/snack

Pretty soon I’ll be adding a pair of gloves, especially since we had our first snowfall of the season yesterday!

I’ll also keep any novels I’m reading for class (or for fun!) and an umbrella for when the weather turns bad on me.

What do you keep in your bag?

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