Five on Friday: Fresh Start

How many times have you read/heard “new year, new me”? If you ask me, just once is too many! But there are some things you can do to give yourself a fresh start and on the right foot for 2014!

One | Unsubscribe from unwanted email lists. How many times do you go through your inbox and archive 75% of the emails without even opening them? Such a waste of time! If you’re getting emails that aren’t worth the effort or time to open, they’re worth the effort to unsubscribe from. Your inbox will be such a happier place!
Can bear the thought of not having access to all the deals? Create a new gmail just for email lists & online shopping. You only have to log in when you’re going to buy something & aren’t overcrowded with unnecessary emails.

Two | Clean out your phone. I have 830 photos on my phone right now. How many of those do I actually need? Probably less than 50. Find your USB and download your photos. Then go to town deleting them! You’ll want lots of space for 2014 memories.

Three | Organize your apps. Read: folders are your new best friend. Carly from The College Prepster inspired me to condense and rethink all of the apps on my phone. It’s been life changing! (Okay, maybe not life changing, but pretty awesome!) Having the apps I use the most on my home screen & keeping everything else to the second screen saves me so much swiping! It also helped me prioritize the apps I have on my phone. Haven’t used it in the last 3 months? Away it goes.

Four | Get prepped for the upcoming semester. Now is the perfect time to set up folders, write down assignments & don’t forget to buy books! It’s also a good time to go through all of your papers/notes from last semester to determine what is worth keeping and what can go.

Five | Financial management. Now is a great time to gather all your information for your taxes & start a folder for your 2014 taxes. I highly recommend a mint account to track your money. Also a great time to set a budget for January!

How are you regrouping for 2014?

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