Five on Friday: Surviving the Polar Vortex

Since the Polar Vortex had so much fun the first time around & has decided to make a second appearance, I’ve been bundling up and staying indoors as much as possible!

It seemed necessary to pull together five essentials for surviving the bitter cold.

Cetaphil Lotion | Of course the first thing on my list would be moisturizer. I quickly realized that my regular day-to-day face lotion just wasn’t going to cut it when my face was in pain from the cold wind. I stopped by CVS and picked up some super heavy duty Cetaphil lotion to keep my face moisturized.

Aquaphor | Another moisturizer. You have to take care of your skin! My lips have gotten to the point of cracking multiple times, I layer on Aquaphor like it’s my job recently. 
Kleenex | Winter inevitably brings along a runny nose while you walk outside! I hate sniffling my entire walk to class. I always have tissues with me to combat this (bonus points if you have a travel pack!)
Gloves | Keep your fingers warm! I’ve seen more tweets than I can count about wanting to retain all of our fingers & toes during the bitter cold recently. Sometimes it’s best to pair gloves & mittens together. 
Instant Chocolate Cappuccino | When all else fails, curl up under a blanket with a warm cup of coffee. My mom brought a package of these back from France and I absolutely love them! The right amount of sweet, without overpowering caffeine. 
What’s getting you through this extreme cold?

p.s. This post was supposed to go live on Friday… Bid Day got in the way a little bit. Let’s just pretend it actually went up on Friday!

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