Art Deco

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Last week I did something completely out of character. I looked at engagement rings on pinterest. More specifically, I looked at vintage, art deco engagement rings on pinterest.

If you follow me, you know I don’t have a wedding board, I occasionally (read: rarely) pin something wedding related. But for some reason I got completely swept up in the beauty and uniqueness of these rings!

This headlined my fascination with all things roaring twenties & art deco (The Great Gatsby anyone?). Followed shortly thereafter by the cutest AOII Great Gatsby zip ups (they look almost exactly like the image above, saying AOII of course).


I’m swooning over these handmade earrings. The emerald adds the perfect touch!


A – I love this quote. B – I love this print. C – this will be an absolute must when I put together a gallery wall. Period, end of discussion.


Hello mirror with serious personality! I love the simplicity of this mirror, yet it makes a total statement.


Art deco = beauty in simplicity. It doesn’t take much for a statement necklace to win me over, they are my accessory of choice. But boy oh boy do I love this. It’s the perfect hint of Gatsby without any color to overwhelm you. Brilliant.

Any Gatsby fans out there?

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