Five on Friday

It’s Friday! Happy Weekend! Here’s my best of the interwebs for the week:

One | What to Buy for Spring if You’re on an Intern’s Budget – aka all college students. There’s some great finds for spring, all under $50! I love this classic, Valentine Studded Tote – it would be a perfect work bag.

Two | Taco Bell is now serving breakfast. Though I have yet to try it, a breakfast burrito is on my must list! I especially love their new ad campaign – Ronald McDonald loves Taco Bell breakfast. Too funny!

Three | Microsoft announces Office for iPad. I think this is a really interesting announcement. For those who use an iPad, I’m guessing they’ve found a new way to read & edit documents. I’m curious to see how successful this is. As much as I love Office on my computer, Pages works super well for my iPad and keeps all of the compatibility – I’ve had zero problems!

Four | I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This by Kate White. I just started this on Monday and I’m already on page 113. It’s that good! Full review to come.

Five | Words are at a loss with love from ilo inspired. I’m starting to think I will never come across an ilo inspired post I don’t love, but I’m completely okay with that! This was a great post about the different types of love and how we feel them – worth the read.

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