31 Things Friday: What to Wear to a Wedding

Happy Wedding Season! I’m at a point in life where it seems that every weekend there’s someone getting married. Just last weekend I attended a lovely celebration and was inspired to do a post on what to wear. It can be super tricky to decide what to wear, especially sans a dress code on the invite!

There are a few rules to follow no matter how dressy the occasion: no white, when in doubt go modest and accessories are key! You can dress up or dress down with accessories. Black is okay – just pair it with some color in either your jewelry or shoes so you don’t look like you’re headed to a funeral.

Clockwise from top left: wine, royal (also available in black), floral, teal, blue, orange (also available in black), pink, lime (also available in coral), cobalt

Clockwise from top left: navy, red, black & pink, red (also available in blue), purple, mint, black, pink, red, cream, blue (also available in purple), pink (also available in bright pink, black, coral, mint, orange & yellow)

Clockwise from top left: navy, magenta, blue, coral, pink, green (also available in black), blue, olive, blue, ocean

Are you headed to any special events this summer? What will you be wearing?

P.S. The missing links are asos dresses. The site was down at the time of writing/publishing (I’m a procrastinator, what can I say?) but will be updated as soon as possible!

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