Essential Apps for International Travel

Downloading & deleting applications is essential for any pre-travel plan. It’s super important if you’ll be traveling internationally with your phone on airplane mode. When I was in Europe, I quickly realized there were some apps I needed, and lots I didn’t. 
Delete any unwanted apps that you won’t be using, especially if your phone will be your main camera source! You don’t want the dreaded out of storage notification! 
Google Voice | It took most of my trip before I figured this one out. This is a good choice that gives someone an actual number to text or call and they don’t need to download an app. Another good choice is What’s App – just make sure you set it up before you go. 
Dictionary apps | Find a language & hit download. I needed the German, French & Italian versions of this app and they were lifesavers at restaurants. Nothing says culture shock like not being able to read a menu! 
City Maps 2 Go | Google Maps in offline mode is great, it’s just missing landmarks, restaurants & things to do. That’s where city maps comes in. The location feature wasn’t flawless in every city I used it in, but the maps were incredibly helpful. You get 5 free maps too! 
Currency Converter | Any idea how much money you’re spending? You might want to convert it before you drop any more dough abroad. 
Pinterest | The modern travel guide. I used Pinterest to do research & look at photos of cities we were visiting. There’s lots of real people guides (from bloggers) that offer some great advice. 
Dropbox | What happens if your phone…(pick your worse case scenario)? Use Dropbox to auto upload your camera roll to make sure you don’t loose any of your precious photos! Also a great tool to keep travel documents safe – I uploaded copies of my passport & health insurance card. 
What are your favorite travel applications?

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