Failing to Plan…

…is planning to fail. Ever heard the saying? It’s never to early to think about a planner for use in the fall.

No matter your organization style, I think every one has a use for a physical planner. I use iCal on my phone for tracking my daily schedule (trust me, it’s necessary) but I use my planner for tracking assignments and due dates. At the beginning of every semester I take my syllabi and write all of my assignments and readings on the days their due in my planner (color coded by class, of course). This lets me see an overview of my schoolwork for the week! More on my organization system later.

If you’re more of a DIY gal here’s a print at home planner. Or even better, some freebie printables to assemble your planner yourself. Just head on over to your local FedEx Office for a durable binding or put it in a binder.

Prefer the digital life? You can always use a cute planner as a yearly journal! You could try out the one sentence journal that will get your creative juices running each day.

How do you use a planner?

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