Independence Day Link Roundup

To be honest, I had really good intentions about writing some super awesome posts for the 4th of July. Sometimes (aka a lot of times) my procrastination catches up with me & I spend a weekend in Tennessee.

So rather than attempting to reinvent the wheel, I figured I would compile the best fourth of july inspiration for all you other procrastinators out there! Whether you’re throwing a party, attending one or just going to watch fireworks – there’s an outfit and some inspiration here for you!


 Start your day off with the spirit of red, white & blue! Toast, cream cheese, jam, blueberries & bananas make for an easy patriotic breakfast.


 For a twist on the classic hotdog… make rocket dogs! They are a great addition to usual barbeque fair.


A super easy dessert option: sugar cookies, frosting and fruit. You may even be able to pull these off as good for you!


No 4th of July is complete without a classic blueberry pie! Use star cut outs on the crust for a festive flair.


These flower pots are super easy and add just the right amount of flair to any table top!

via The College Prepster

Outfit inspiration: The College Prepster, College Fashion 1 & 2, Design Darling, A Southern Style, Lauren Conrad, Atlantic-Pacific, Dean Street Society

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What are your plans for celebrating July 4th?

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