Top 5 Reasons Why Sorority Recruitment Can Help You Get Your Post-Grad Dream Job – Guest Post

Sorority recruitment and job interviewing have a ton of similarities. It’s one of the many things a sorority teaches you about life. Today, Erica is going to show you how much recruitment can help you get a dream job when you graduate! 

Sorority recruitment — while considerably more fun — is similar to applying for a job. Of course there are a variety of differences between being a sorority recruit and a job applicant, but, aside from a college internship, few experiences prepare a job candidate for an interview like sorority recruitment.

The reason that is the case is because sorority recruits are put through a battery of interviews and activities and are put in a number of real-world scenarios. Without these, it is almost impossible for sorority sisters (or hiring managers) to find out which recruits are best suited for their chapter (or company).
1) Extracurricular Activities: Sorority recruiters typically want to know what positive things a recruit did in high school, aside from study. Particular types of extracurricular activities are not as important as the fact that a recruit had interests outside academics. Not that academics are not important — it’s just that most sororities want well-rounded sisters in the house.
Extracurricular activities are proof of social aptitude and a worldly view. In many cases, extracurricular activities are just as important to sororities as a recruit’s GPA.
Most real-world jobs require extensive interviews. Those interviews will invariably include questions well outside the purview of the job description. Extracurricular activities — sorority membership, for example — are a huge plus when trying to land a job. While academic performance is very important, so are outside interests.
2) Community Service: While extracurricular activities are a huge plus, few endeavors impress a sorority recruiting panel as much as community service does. Whether it is helping out at a nursing home, providing help for students who need assistance with their homework or doing community cleanup, community service can be the difference that separates good recruit from a great one.
Interviewers for post-grad jobs feel the same about community service as those conducting interviews for sororities. A job applicant that has shown to have an interest in helping others can be trusted to keep morale up at work, go the extra mile when required and do what’s best for the company.
3) Teamwork: Two settings where teamwork is essential are in a sorority and in your dream job. Almost all sororities require members to work with their fellow sisters, and very few jobs permit a person to work alone on an island. While there are jobs in which a person works in a vacuum, the overwhelming majority require a person be able to work within a team.
Sorority recruitment requires potential members work together in a variety of capacities. Doing well during the recruitment process shows potential employers that an applicant understands how to be a team player.
4) Long-Term Goals: All sororities have one thing in common: they want their members to be successful long term. A large part of long-term success is having goals and working toward them. Sorority recruiters will undoubtedly ask recruits what their long-term goals are.
Being able to answer questions about long-term goals during sorority recruitment will help a graduate answer questions during the interview for her dream job. Without question, any successful company or organization wants to know what the long-term goals of potential employees are.
Not only does an interviewee’s explanation of her long-term goals help interviewers understand her in a broader light, it helps interviewers project how she might fit into their company over the long run.
5) “Why Us?” Questions: One of the most common questions for both sorority recruits and job candidates is, “Why do you want to join/work with us?” It is always a difficult question to answer, and for those who are not prepared, the question can be a major stumbling block.
However, by learning to answer the question while rushing for a sorority, a college graduate can use the same answer to land her dream job.
Big Picture

While there are any number of situations and activities in sorority life that will help you land the big job, the recruitment process is probably more helpful than any other!

Erica Wolfeis a proud Delta Phi Epsilon member and a Marketing Associate at Greek Streak – an online Greek apparel retailer providing fraternity and sorority clothing for the Greek community.

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