Inviting Interiors: Seating

I’m bringing back Inviting Interiors! Today’s theme: college seating. Whether you’re moving into a dorm, apartment or house (or even if you’ve graduated) seating a critical part of any room. I’ve gathered some of my favorite looks and options for those of you on a budget.


You can take inspiration from lots of places, my favorite is actual homes! Even if it’s a temporary space, adding certain furniture (that’s functional, too) can make it feel more like home.

Upholstered Chair | The most grown up chair on the list. For when you’re feeling like you can make half an investment for a chic apartment. 

Moon Chair | I had a papasan chair as a kid & these remind me of it! The shape is perfect for curling up with a book. 

Director’s Chair | The beauty of a directors chair is it’s fold-ability. Buy a couple & keep them in a closet. Pull them out when you need them & they have a lot more personality than a folding chair. 
Beanbag Chair | Throwback to the 90s. A casual chair with a childhood twist. Prefer a regular bean bag?

Storage Ottoman | The perfect solution for a tiny dorm room. Storage + seating. Win win!

What’s your choice for back to school seating?

P.S. It’s August which means Lattes with Liv is all about Back to School! Let me know if you have any post requests! 

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