Make It Up

One of the biggest parts of going back to school for me, is figuring out what my new routine will be. In the spring, I treasured my mornings of emails and coffee, getting ready at a leisurely pace. This fall, that will be more of a challenge with lots of early classes Monday-Friday. No matter my schedule, having a quick & easy make up routine is key! It takes me about 7 minutes from start to finish.

I start with my Sephora CC Cream and L’Oreal Concealer. I highly recommend going to your local Sephora for a color match. I love my CC cream because of it’s easy and lightweight application plus it has SPF to help protect my skin.

Next up is my eyes. This bit changes a little bit day by day, but I have two major looks. I either go with eyeshadow + liner + mascara or skip the shadow all together. If I’m choosing the shadow route, I always apply Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance. It’s essential to make sure all of my eye make up stays put. I l-o-v-e my UD Naked Basics Palette. Worth every single penny! I picked up a felt tip eyeliner pen in London (similar) and it’s a great way to eyeliner challenged (like me!) to get a great liquid look! I finish off my eyes by curling my lashes and a swipe of mascara.

Simple is always a great way to go when choosing makeup. This look is all neutrals and great for everyday.

What’s your makeup routine look like?

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