Holiday Prep

Holiday Prep

There are 64 days until Christmas Eve. That’s just under 10 weeks until the holidays! Now, if that doesn’t freak you out – props to you. It’s more than a little troublesome to me. My best strategy to avoid chaos and last minute freak outs? Planning ahead. That means, planning now.

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Holiday shopping can be a bit of a daunting task. But starting early and breaking it up into smaller tasks makes it a lot more manageable.

Start with a list. (You all know how much I love my lists.) Having a list of everyone you need to give a gift to is the best place to start.

Then work on your budget. Everyone’s budget’s will be a little bit different since we’re all in different financial situations. Each individual gift budget will be different too – you probably aren’t going to spend the same amount on your parents & your boss!  Even though you don’t know what you’re going to buy each individual just yet, having an overall budget will help you stay on track to not spend outside your limits.

On a budget? Levo had a great article on 11 ways to save for the holidays in 12 weeks.

Back to your list! Start brainstorming gift options for everyone on your list. Can’t think of anything? Not to worry! First off, there’s always Pinterest. Second, Lattes with Liv will be bringing lots of gift guides to you in the coming weeks and months.

Have someone you’re stumped on? Leave some information below in the comments & I’ll work on incorporating them in the upcoming gift guides!

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