Winter Accessories

The last time I blogged, it was all about fall fashion. Well, Mother Nature decided to be mean to me this year and winter arrived overnight. It got COLD! So cold, I frantically got online to order 2 more pairs of gloves in addition to hats and headbands so I wouldn’t freeze on the way to class.

In my mind, there’s a few essential accessories every wardrobe needs in order to survive any sort of winter.

Carnet de Mode, J.Crew, LOFT, Smartwool, Old Navy


Gloves | The most versatile and probably most basic accessory every. Pick a pair in leather for a classic look or go with a knit pair you can text on the go in. 

Mittens | The downside to mittens? You don’t get much functionality with them. The upside to mittens? They keep your hands super warm and you can layer them with gloves! 
Hat | I’ve never been a hat person, but this winter may turn me. Pick a beanie or a trapper hat, whatever works for you. These are the best for keeping your entire head and ears covered and warm. 
Scarf | Scarves are great all year long. I’m loving blanket scarves that I can wrap myself up in once I get to class, plus there’s lots of extra fabric to wrap when I venture outside. 
Wool socks | Whether you live in a state with snow or not, you must own a pair of wool socks. They’re perfect under bean boots or for just wearing around the house. Super cozy and not at all itchy, it’s a win-win! 
Sunglasses | Anyone who has ever walked through snow when the sun is out knows how reflective snow can be.  It’s absolutely miserable, so a good pair of sunnies is essential for the days the sun comes out. 

Ear muffs | For those who aren’t into hats and want to keep their hairstyle (props if you don’t have crazy dry hair during winter) ear muffs are the way to go. You can wrap them around the back of your head for a super low profile look, or just rock them. 

Headband | Headbands are the happy medium between fuzzy earmuffs and a hat. It will keep your ears warm without messing up your hair, but doesn’t have lots of fuzz! 

What are your go-to winter accessories to ward of the cold?

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