Gift Guide: Hostess

Someone is probably wondering what happened to all of the promised gift guides, or you didn’t think about it until you opened this post. I’m going to start by apologizing – I’m sorry! Life the last three weeks has been insane (as I’m sure it’s been for many of you). Between finals prep, finals and my trip to Chicago (more on that later), I’ve barely had time to breathe. This particular post has been pulled together since thanksgiving, I just never found the time for final edits. 

2015 is going to be my year of the blog (among other things) and I’m going to aim to post at least once a week. More on next year later (I should have more time to blog in the next two weeks- thanks vacation!) but for now, back to delayed programming. 
Holiday parties are in full swing & the last thing you want is to show up empty handed! I’ve bulled together some of my favorite hostess gifts to inspire you as you are out & about picking up other gifts! 

Cheers Wine Tote

Kitchen Tablet Holder

Another great option? Asking if there’s any food you can bring or a nice bottle of wine! 

What’s your go-to hostess gift? 

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