I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about resolutions, goals and mantras for 2015. I’ve reviewed past goals & my accomplishments or lack thereof. I’ve thought about different strategies that might be more effective. Do I pick a theme for each month? Start with just the first quarter? Pick one item off my 101 list to accomplish each month? I’ve thought about my life with my big picture lens. I’ve thought about what I want and where I want to be in the next year. It’s been quite a lot for my brain. So much so, that I thought about throwing goals right out the window.

But then it hit me. My short term planning is much more effective than my long term. I prefer to see life as an adventure & when I have a long term goal with a path, I’m extremely hesitant to waiver from that path even if an awesome opportunity arises.

I’ve picked two mantras for 2015:
Carpe Diem
Live Simply

2015 will be the start of enjoying every single day and living more simply.

This isn’t to say I won’t have goals. I just need a little perspective from time to time & I think these two mantras are just the ticket!

I’ll be taking time to do things that make me happy & better than I was before.

Did you set a mantra or goals for 2015?

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