Fire-less S’mores

I had a craving for s’mores. But I lacked an important component – fire. I thought about roasting marshmallows over our gas stove and then decided that was a disaster waiting to happen.

Thankfully, pinterest came to the rescue! I remembered a pin with s’mores in a pan. The pin wasn’t linked properly but I figured it wouldn’t be that difficult to recreate. As my mother would say, I know just enough to not know what I’m doing.

I started by layering chocolate in the bottom of a baking dish…

Then covered all the chocolate in marshmallows…
Then I set the oven to broil mode at 500 degrees. I left it in too long (they’re a little toasty). It really only needs about a minute, then turn the oven off and let it sit for 3-5 minutes so the chocolate has time to melt but you aren’t continuing to brown the marshmallows. 

Tada! You have a super easy s’more dip! I didn’t take an after photo, but my family pretty much devoured this entire pan.

S’mores for any time of the year, no campfire needed. I’m a fan.

Have you recreated anything from pinterest without any directions?

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