Lessons Learned as President of My Sorority

Last year I did one of the most rewarding and challenging things I have ever done. I served as Chapter President of my sorority. It was an incredibly challenging year and I learned so much about myself, my chapter and leadership.

  1. You become a 24/7 therapist to the entire chapter.
  2. Things will never go exactly according to plan. 
  3. The standards chair is your new BFF. 
  4. It’s not an easy job. 
  5. It’s actually really really hard. 
  6. But it’s also worth it. 
  7. Everything will crash and burn at the same time. It’s inevitable. Just keep breathing. 
  8. Keep Calm & Carry On. 
  9. You will probably end up sobbing on the phone with your advisor. 
  10. Recognize that life goes on & don’t forget to remind everyone else of this fact. 
  11. When your email address gets put on the internet, you’ll get lots of interesting emails. It’s completely okay to graciously thank the sender for thinking of you & your chapter and not waste anyone else’s time with them.
  12. Some weeks you become the most popular person in the chapter. Those are probably not good weeks. 
  13. Keep smiling! 
  14. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice.
  15. The past chapter president is the only person who has a clue how hard this is, they can be super helpful! Also, remember this when your term is done. 
  16. You must hold people accountable. 
  17. Playing Devil’s Advocate becomes super annoying to all of the officers, but ensures they think through all the possibilities. 
  18. Always think about what will be best for the chapter as a whole, not you or your best friends. 
  19. Your opinion will not always be a popular one. 
  20. Don’t forget to have fun! 
  21. Communication is key. Encourage all of the officers to over communicate.
  22. You are the chapter cheerleader! There is a positive side to everything.
  23. When something doesn’t go well, or as planned, figure out why so it doesn’t happen again.
  24. It’s completely acceptable to take time for yourself. 
  25. Using and living the values your organization has given you makes all the difference. 

Any recovering presidents have any additional advice or lessons learned?

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