Realigning Your Universe

Ever have the days when you wake up determined to have a good day and it seems like everything in the Universe is against you? They might just be worse than Monday’s (and you might as well give up when they happen on a Monday!). Mine happened on a Tuesday & the universe gave me everything it had – rain, cold, a busy work shift, loads of homework, sorority problems to be solved. But no matter what, I was bound and determined to make it a good day (or at the very least, settle for a not terrible day). 
Here’s my tricks to help realign your universe when it seems like the world is against you. 
Take a Walk | If the weather isn’t terrible, taking a short walk can be a total game changer for your day. It gets blood pumping (hello endorphins!) and gives you some time to clear your head. Pick a 10-15 minute route and hit the pavement!

Treat Yourself | Sometimes the best cure to a bad day is a special treat. You don’t have to go big – a cookie or scoop of ice cream will work. Finding a small happiness will help change your perspective on the rest of the day.

Get Organized | When I have days like this, I feel like everything is spiraling out of control. By spending just 10 minutes to reorganize my brain and write a fresh to-do list, I feel like I can take on the world. Focus on small, achievable tasks if you’re getting frustrated.

Meditate | Taking 10 minutes for yourself can change your whole perspective. I love to use Headspace to guide a quick meditation before taking on the rest of my day.

What tricks do you use to realign your universe?

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