Winter Essentials

Winter is not going away any time soon, unfortunately. Despite my general dislike for the season, I’m always determined to be as prepared as possible when facing the elements. There have been a many a time when walking through a blizzard was necessary to get to class (#MichiganProblems). In addition to the necessary winter accessories, I’ve rounded up my essentials for survival of the cold weather. 

Travel Mug | My favorite solution to a freezing day is a hot cup of coffee or cocoa. Warm beverages are key to keeping the cold away and a cute mug helps to brighten your day. 

Tylenol | Ever had a headache from the cold? It’s no fun! I always keep some tylenol in my bag to keep away the dreaded aches. 
Aquaphor | Bleeding, chapped lips = no fun at all. I keep mine refreshed with lots and lots of aquifer. I feel like I’m constantly applying, but I hate chapped lips.

Static Guard | Cold means lots of dry air which also means lots of static. I will admit to putting static guard directly on my hair because it was standing on end! I like to keep a bottle around for when my coat or knits get super staticy. Prefer an on the go option? They also make a  travel sized bottle. 
Tissue purse pack | Runny noses and sniffles be gone! You also never know when else tissues will come in handy.

Cetaphil | Two winters ago, I was walking home from class and my face was in pain from the wind. I was in so much pain, I stopped at a CVS on the way home to pick up some cetaphil for heavy duty moisturizing. It’s been a godsend ever since. Best used at night since it’s so thick.

What are your essentials for surviving the cold?

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