Spring Break in NYC

If you follow me on instagram, you might have noticed I was in New York City last week! I was there for one of my classes – visiting Public Relations & Advertising agencies for the week. It was a whirlwind week, but I loved every single minute. I wanted to recap some of my favorite places for anyone that might be traveling to the city. 
New York Pizza Suprema – you can’t go to New York City without getting a slice of pizza. This stuff is the real deal. So much so, we went back the next day to get another slice. 413 8th Avenue
Tres Carnes – Chipotle, but better. I had a burrito bowl with brisket and fire roasted corn. Not only was it cheap and delicious, the atmosphere was so much fun! Music blasting and employees dancing along, it’s impossible not to smile. Multiple Locations – 688 6th Avenue
‘Wichcraft – This was an accidental find when we were walking between companies. Apparently it’s famous? Either way, the perfect fast sandwich joint with a little extra jazz for the middle of the day. Multiple Locations – 11 East 20th Street @ Broadway

Doughnut Plant – I didn’t have a doughtnut (I had just eaten pizza!) but they got rave reviews plus the chai was smooth and delicious.  Multiple Locations – 220 W. 23rd Street


Laduree – This was an essential stop on my trip to Paris & I knew I needed to stop in the city too! I actually went twice I love these so much. Unless you’re traveling, or want a souvenir I suggest you skip the box. 864 Madison Avenue & 398 West Broadway 

Some other tips:

Try not to fly in or out during rush hour. Our cab ride into the city was over an hour because we got stuck in rush hour traffic! That also means it was more expensive than it needed to be.

Be prepared for lots of walking! The subway is easy to use to get around when you’ve got a long way to go, but it’s easy to get caught up walking lots of small distances. I walked over 5 miles each day in the city.

I skipped a lot of touristy spots, since I had seen them before. If you’re going the tourist route or not, if there are specific things you want to see or do, make sure you have a plan! I had a couple of things in mind that I never got the chance to do because I didn’t have a plan. But make sure you schedule in some free time just to wander, too.

Looking for more NYC tips and suggestions? I’ve gathered my favorite spots plus tons of recommendations from other on my New York, NY Pinterest board.

What is your favorite place to visit in the city?

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