Designing with Accessories

Designing with Accessories

We talked about Dorm Style a couple of weeks ago, so now let’s put some principles into action!

I choose to start this style board out with an accent chair as the focus piece. Often times you’ll have room for some extra furniture in your room – many will choose a couch or chair. The big key to a successful and cute dorm room is accessories!

comforter | succulent | vanity | frame | umbrella stand | chair

I always tend to choose accessories and accent pieces in neutral styles that will go beyond the room. It can be easy to fall into the trap of matching all of the colors in your room (or your side of the room), but then you become stuck to the color palette until you replace pieces. Keeping accessories in neutral or metallic tones will make it easier to transition from one style to another.

When I moved to college, I picked a bedding with lots of different colors – it’s blue, pink and green. It allowed me to accent different colors and change up my style without a major cost. If you’re picking a statement piece – like a chair, pick a bedding and accessories that can be adapted easily so you aren’t stuck with the same style all four years. College is a time of growth and adaptation, you don’t want to get yourself stuck in something and grow to hate it!

It’s usually best to keep accessories small and to a minimum when you first move into a dorm room. Simply is always a good option – you don’t want your room to become too busy or overcrowded. You can always add in new accessories as time goes on.

How are you planning to style your fall dorm room?

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