What’s Making Me Happy This Week Vol. 7

What’s Making Me Happy This Week Vol. 7

It was moving week. Four years later, I still haven’t gotten used to moving as frequently as I do. I’m thankful for a day off and a half day this week that gave me some extra time to get everything packed, cleaned and unloaded once I got home. This weekend will be full of unpacking and organizing.

On to what’s making me happy this week…

Memories | I found a bunch of old photos on my computer last weekend and spent hours going through them all. There are so many good gems – like the photo above of my grandfather & I.

Chilly at Work? | This New York Times article has been floating around all week. I’ve never had to go as far as wrapping myself in a blanket at work, but I keep a blanket scarf thrown across the back of my chair as a wrap. I also love Belle’s advice of using a heating pad.

Planning | I’ve been spending lots of time looking to the fall semester and beyond recently. I picked up a 12 month planner back in January, but if you’re on the hunt for an agenda for the school year check out my picks from last year or Carly’s round-up.

Enjoy your weekend!

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