What’s Making Me Happy This Week Vol. 9

What’s Making Me Happy This Week Vol. 9

This might be a total captain obvious moment, but packing and moving is hard, y’all. The last two weeks have been full of couch surfing and packing up all my stuff to move back to school. It’s been completely exhausting.

So what’s making me really happy this week? The fact that I’m writing this post from my new bed. Plus it’s raining, so that doesn’t hurt at all.

On to what else is making me happy this week… 

Maxie | Meet my favorite person on the internet. No, seriously. Maxie has such incredible wisdom and guidance, even if you’ve never met her. See: #GirlCrush. Her newsletter brings laughter, sometimes tears and always exactly what you need to hear. Go sign up for it, trust me.

Networking Tips | Now that I’m starting my final semester (yay!) it means I need to start seriously thinking about my future and looking for jobs (eeeek!). I’ve been soaking up every career related article possible, from networking to interviewing – if you have advice, I want to hear it. I always love Levo, but The Everygirl nailed it recently.

Recipies | Since I’ve been on the go so much, I’ve needed super easy recipes that I can prep ahead of time. I brought food along with me for my hosts, so I wanted easy, one-pan recipes. I found a couple keepers: One Pan Mexican Quinoa; Pineapple Fried Rice; and Creamy Spinach & Sausage Pasta. I’m back living in a dorm, so expect some awesome microwave recipes coming soon!

What’s been making you happy?

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